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Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got a question about psychic readings, browse our list of frequently asked questions below, or contact us – we're here to help! You might also be interested in our articles/blog which cover a wide range of psychic topics.

Q. How does a psychic read for me?
A. Using their psychic ability, a psychic will tune into you and connect with your energy. Most psychics have spirit guides who will give them snippets of information to pass on to you. If the psychic is a clairvoyant they will see images in their mind for you and be able to translate these into the reading. Psychics often work on your voice vibration so it is important to converse with them, you don’t need to give them much information so simply talking and giving them validation to what they’re picking up will be enough. 

Q. What will I find out in my psychic reading?
A. At the beginning of the reading, the psychic will ask if you want a general reading or if you want to know about something specific. If you want a general reading, they often pick up on current issues that may be concerning you and there may also be information about your recent past. The psychic will be able to give you detailed guidance on your current situation, how issues from the past (if any) may be affecting this situation and offer insight as to the best path to take for the future.

Q. Should I take what a psychic says as set in stone?
A. The purpose of a psychic reading is to empower you with guidance for your current life and your future. It is important to understand that anybody can change their life at their own free will, regardless of what a psychic has said. So, if a psychic said that you will go for a job interview, unless you actually actively apply for the job, the interview may not be offered to you. Psychic guidance can be very powerful but working against it or changing your own fate is also down to you.

Q. Can I connect with loved ones who have passed over?
A. Clairvoyant Mediums have a connection with the spirit world. If you want to connect with a family member or close friend who has passed away, a medium may be able to do this for you. They can pass on messages from your loved ones in the spirit world and it is often a very enlightening and positive experience for people. 

Q. I've never had a reading before, what is it like?
A. Most people who haven’t had a reading before often feel quite apprehensive and sometimes even concerned about what a psychic might tell them. Do not be worried! A professional psychic never tells anyone anything bad or negative. Their job is to enlighten you, empower you and help you to feel positive and confident about your future. 

Q. I want a reading but don't want it to show up on my phone bill?
A. You may want to have a psychic reading but understandably may not want someone else to know or to see the bill. You can pay for your reading using your credit or debit card by calling 0800 067 8850

Q. What are my choices with a psychic reading?
A. For an in depth reading, it is best to have a telephone reading with a psychic so that you can easily ask all the questions you want. If you just need a quick question answering or don’t have time for a telephone reading, you can try the text service where our psychics will respond to your question within minutes.